Friday, November 28, 2008

Scribble Soup for Writers' Block #23

Do you have a favourite cd? Write a story incorporating as many song titles in the cd as you can.

Elysium for the Brave

In death they lie in endless reverie. Felled by Winter's kiss, they sleep in her eternal embrace. As spring arrives in other worlds, its light will never touch their deathly abode. They meet in secret, the tryst of the battle worn. Their bodies turn from heaven to dust, carried from this life in forty one ways.

I am a stranger in this world
, in this divide. For now.

Scribblesoup prompt #23


Robert V. Sobczak said...

Another great idea. These days I listen to theme radio (I have a satellite radio) more than I do albums.

Side note: phonetically I always insert an "L" on the other side of the "B", to say "alblums".

My favorite album, or among them, would be Bob Dylan's "Street Legal" and Neal Young's "After the Gold Rush." Others too, but they are top on the list.

Have you noticed that albums are losing their luster with new generation of musicians?

Abra said...

Love it!
What album is this?
I would have a hard time with this, although I love SLEEPER so I do have lots of her albums...
I will try this.

Abra said...

As an Aside:
I think that the newer generation produces more singles over albums because most people would rather purchase said singles over an entire album - thusly allowing more variation on their MP3's or whatever... yes. This is what I think.

JAWilkinson said...

Very sad, melancholic piece. I could imagine the speaker being caught in limbo. Very deftly done considering the material you had to piece it together from.