Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sunday Scribblings #138: Grateful

Grace surveyed her reflection in the mirror.
"Not bad," she said aloud, blowing a playful kiss at her image.
"Not bad indeed," Shay said sticking her head into the room.
"Have you ever heard of knocking first?"
"What and miss all this," Shay answered as Grace pitched a pillow in her general direction.

Outside a horn blared.
"C'mon Miss, our chariot awaits," Shay announced in a fake cockney accent.

"Hurry up, we're going to miss the opening act," a voice called impatiently from the car as the two best friends approached the vehicle.
Shay rolled her eyes dramatically before shouting, "We're coming!"

Reaching the car, Grace paused, trying to work out how to delicately get into the car. The black dress was stunning but it was also tight and very short.
As Grace stood undecided, a voice whispered, "Don't get in the car."
"What did you say?" Grace asked.
"Huh?" Shay answered, sweeping past her. "C'mon, Her Highness is going to be late and under no circumstances is SHE ever late."
Smiling uneasily, Grace prepared to get into the car.
"Don't get in the car," the voice whispered again.
Stepping away from the car, Grace looked around her nervously.
"What's wrong Grace, you look kinda pale?" Shay asked.
"Um, I'm not feeling so well. I'll think I'll just have a quiet night in."
"But we've been planning this night for ages," Twist said from the passenger seat.
"Um, I'm sorry but I don't feel so well," Grace said apologetically, turning away.
Sighing, Shay got out of the car.
"You guys go ahead. I'll stay with her, make sure she's alright."

As the car headlights disappeared around the street corner, Shay remarked, "You know it's kinda insulting how little they protested."
"I'm sorry Shay, I know how much you were looking forward to tonight."
"It's okay. I would of just ended up throwing something at Her Highness anyway."
"C'mon she's not that bad."
"Yeah on her own, but with Twist...uhh," Shay said, faking a shudder. "It's still a mystery to me how we ever became friends in the first place," she added.
"You were young and desperate," Grace teased.
"Nah, just keeping my enemies close by," Shay joked.

At 3 am, Grace awoke to Shay's desparate shaking.
"What's wrong?" Grace asked sleepily.
"It's Twist and Elizabeth...Grace, they're dead," Shay said sobbing.
"" Shay managed before her legs buckled beneath her.

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BJ Roan said...

Loved it. I think we all have a little voice in our head, some merely listen more than others. Very well written. Flowed easily to the excellent end.

anthonynorth said...

That voice always knows more than we do.
Nicely written.

Linda Jacobs said...

Good story! It pulled me right in and kept me there!

Doe said...

i saw it coming- with the little voice and the choice of name "GRACE" -nice forshadowing ;)
keep writing

much peace

Patois said...

Chilling. You pulled this story off perfectly.

tumblewords said...

Grateful for those small voices! Nice post...

SweetTalkingGuy said...

Phew, I really felt that, the hair is standing up on the back of my head.

Nicely done!

alister said...

Good one, Lily. Well told. I tell you early on I perfected the misguided art of ignoring that little voice. That I lived through some of the stupid stuff I did is a miracle. Ironically, that was what made me a current believer in tuning in to it :-)

Alisa said...

Great Story! Gave me chills at the end. Nice job!

Tammy said...

I'm glad she listened. Many of us don't. Well done!

Mary said...

Great story. I love how you put this together. It gave me a little shiver... Always listen to that little voice!

*~sis~* said...

love this...sucked me right in! :)
always listen to that little voice in your's a must! :)