Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Scribble Soup for Writers' Block #30: Anecdote

Has something funny...or embarrassing...or scary...or amazing....ever happened to you?

It wasn't until a few hours later that Harry remembered the object that he'd carelessly thrown into the back seat of his vehicle. He'd found it up earlier that night, when the light from his torch had picked up something shiny.
"Hey guys, what do you think this is?" he asked bringing the object closer to the light of the camp fire.
"Jesus Christ! That's a leg bone," Phil cried in disbelief.
Ranger shook his head, "Why are you carrying a leg bone around?"
"It's not human is it?" Harry asked, feeling a little stupid.
"It's human all right, you doofus."
"Where'd you find it?" Ranger asked, reaching for the bone.
"Behind the depot a few hours ago."
"You've been carrying this around with you for hours?"
"Shit, now we have to call the cops. More paper work." Phil muttered.
"I'll radio it in," Ranger said walking towards the car.

The rest of the skeleton was recovered behind the depot shed the next day. It was identified by the serial number on the metal joints (the shiny bit). The bones belonged to an old man suffering from dementia, who had gone missing 5 years earlier.

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Robert V. Sobczak said...

Well written. Your prose flows right along. It is easy and fun to read, with good narrative twists, not to mention professional-level use of language in quotations. Not easily done. Has something incredible happened to me? Other than feats of strength (climbing down and out of Grand Canyon in one day), I can't think of much right on the spot.