Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ashes and Silt (cont...again)

this story is copyrighted 2008
Lyrics in this story are taken from the song the dam at otter creek by Live
Episode vi

Raven sat waiting impatiently by the phone. Three hours had passed since she had left a message on Ranger's mobile phone. She needed to do something to occupy herself.
"Okay music angels, tell me what to do," she whispered switching the radio on.

"When all that's left to do,
Is reflect on what's been done,

this is where sadness breathes

the sadness of everyone..."

Raven stood rooted to the spot as the words echoed loudly throughout the silent house.

"Just like when the guys built the dam at Otter Creek
and all the
water backed up
Deep enough to dive

We took the dead man in sheets

to the river flanked by l0ve...."

From the corner of her eyes she caught a flash of movement. Turning towards the window, she watched mesmerised as a murder of crows flew noiselessly towards the house. One by one, they came to a rest on the eucalypt tree. They sat and watched in eerie silence. Then as one, they rose up into the air, and flew away in the direction of the dam.

Raven sprang into action. She ran out the back door and jumped the fence. She stumbled a few times, tripping over rocks and fallen branches as she hurriedly made her way down the hill towards the dam . The crows were waiting for her at the bottom of the hill. They sat perched on a branch waiting and watching. They waited patiently as she caught her breath, before rising again as one.

Raven followed, running as fast as her legs could carry her. All but one of the crows finally came to a rest on the eastern side of the dam wall, the lonely side as it was known because it was hidden away from the picnicking crowds. The last crow stood alone, perched on a large boulder. It watched her approach through crimsom eyes, before releasing a loud warning caw as it swooped towards her. Raven screamed, eyes closed she flung her arms out in defence as she twisted away from the cawing crows.

Silence. Raven cautiously peeled her eyes open. A single black feather rested on a boulder. She stepped cautiously towards it. On the boulder, next to the feather was an inscription. She ran her hands gently over the words as she read:

"In loving memory of Jeremy William Otter


"Sunshine" said...

Lilly, you are so talented with writing description! I could "see" this scene, and it was creepy! Loved it!

B. Roan said...

You gave me goosebumps. BJ

Aareet said...

The name Raven seems so appropriate. Very descriptive prose. I'm glad I was linked here.

Abra said...

I agree with Sunshine, your writing takes me in, I'm not just reading it, I'm watching it too.