Thursday, November 6, 2008

Scribble Soup for Writers' Block #5: 10 words

In 10 minutes write a story using the words: laxative, doledrums. biorhythm, celestial, sedentary, ignite, twilight, wheeze, formulate and reality.

Wombat (as he was known to his friends) sat alone on his porch, reflecting on his twilight years. He hated the fact that he had let himself go, hated his sedendary life. His breathing was laboured and his lungs wheezed at every movement. His heart was slowly losing the fight, its biorhythmic beat almost coming to an end. His body was too weak to carry all that weight.

He sat and watched the heavens, contemplating the vastness of the celestial sky. Tonight the beauty and mystery of the cosmos failed to lift his doldrums. The reality was that he was dying. He needed to formulate a plan. He needed inspiration. Again he looked to the heavens. In his mind a spark of an idea ignited. Down below, his gut spasmed, reminding him of the laxative he'd taken earlier that evening.

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1 comment:

B. Roan said...

Well done. I looked at the words before reading your story. I'm impressed with the way you tied them all together. BJ