Friday, November 30, 2012

The Death Memoirs

Don't know what I was thinking when I wrote this one...many, many, many years ago...

Last night I dreamt I was alive,
So I waited with bated breath
To feel the sunlight on my skin,
Instead I watched the angents of my death -
The devils with broken wings,
Feast upon my earthly flesh.

They scratched my skin -
This armour that I once lived in,
And I cried out in sorrow,
But still they supped
On this body I left behind
And all the tears that I bled.

Now I watch the seasons go by
As I lay on my bed,
Hidden beneath the roses,
The secret place in which I hide,
Where even angels cannot find.

I live amongst the shadows,
Of the yesterdays that never came,
And the tomorrows that are yet to dawn,
My life is an intangible memory,
A story yet untold.

I yearn to watch the sunset,
To smell the flowers and trees,
I've lived in the shadowlands,
And walked in the darkness
Of the endless silence of my death.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My Family

I was born in Australia.

My mother was born in Vietnam.
My mother speaks Vietnamese and English to me.

My mother's parents were also born in Vietnam.
I call them ong ngai and ba ngai.
 My mother's family were refugees.  They came to Australia
when my mother was a baby.

 My father was born in Australia.  He tries to speak Vietnamese, but he's not
very good at it. 

Nan was also born in Australia, but Grand-da was not.

Grand-da was born in Northern Ireland.  He migrated to Australia when he was a young man.  He came to Australia looking for work.

I love my famly.