Saturday, April 23, 2011

Scribble stories #3

From scribble time with Darwinia. Who knows where the scribbles will take us next?

Hungry Bear, Dragon's Treasure

"Grraw. I'm a hungry bear, Mama."
"And what does a hungry bear want to eat for breakfast?" Mama asked.
"Honey, of course!"
"How about pancakes with honey on top?"
"Grraw. That's Bear for yummy."

After breakfast Darwinia and Mama went outside to do some gardening.
"Twitch, twitch," said Darwinia hopping around. "I'm a rabbit now."
"What do rabbits like to do?" Mama asked.
"They like to dig in the garden and eat carrots, of course!"
So Mama and Darwinia dug up some carrots from the garden. Then Mama washed the carrots and gave one to Darwinia.
"Twitch, twitch," said Darwinia. "That's Rabbit for delicious."

It was time for lunch.
"Snap, snap. I'm a hungry crocodile."
"What does a hungry crocodile eat for lunch?" Mama asked.
"Fish of course!"
"How about a tuna sandwich?"
"Snap, snap. That means 'yes please!' in Crocodile," replied Darwinia.

After lunch it was time for a nap.
"Hoot, hoot. I'm an owl."
"Then it's nap time for the little owl," said Mama.
"But I don't want to go to bed now," grumbled Darwinia.
"All little owls need a rest so that they can grow big and strong, and have enough energy to play with Daddy when he gets home," said Mama as she tucked Darwinia into bed.

After her nap, Darwinia was full of energy and ready to play again.
"Puff, puff,"said Darwinia. "I'm a fire breathing dragon."
"And what do fire breathing dragons do?" Mama asked.
"They look for treasure, of course!"
"In that case I have just the thing for you. I found a treasure map while you were asleep. Shall we go look for the treasure together?"
"Puff, puff. That's Dragon for 'yes please!'."

They looked at the map.
"Hmm, the map says that the treasure is hidden between a rock and a tree. What tree could that be?" Mama asked Darwinia.
Darwinia looked at the treasure map. "There's apples drawn on the tree Mama. It must be the apple tree!"
Darwinia and Mama ran to the apple tree. Beside the apple tree was a large rock and inbetween the two was a shiny blue box.
"We've found the treasure!" shouted Darwinia excitedly.
Together they opened the box. Inside the box there were two golden delicious apples, two golden passionfruit and a bag of gold coins. Of course the coins weren't really made of gold, they were made of chocolate. Mama and Darwinia sat beneath the apple tree and shared the treasure between them.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Scribble stories #2

Scribble story time is when my daughter and I scribble whatever we feel like and make up a story at the same time. Who knows where the scribbles will take us next?!

How to bake the perfect cake

It was a week before Daddy's birthday. Darwinia wanted to surprise him with the perfect birthday cake. She searched high and low for the perfect ingredients.

She travelled around the world to find the most deliciously expensive chocolate that she could buy (chocolate being Daddy's most favourite thing).

Then she charmed the bees, who gave her their most prized possession - honey - made from the delicately scented lilies growing in a secret location, that only the bees could find.

Next she asked an award winning cow for some milk. Which she then turned into delicious cream.

She now had the best chocolate, honey and cream in the world for her special cake. But it was still not enough. She wanted something unique...something out of this world.

"Aha! I've got it, the perfect ingredient," she shouted.
What was the perfect ingredient? Stardust of course!

So she disappeared into the garage for hours on end. Every now and then, a bang and sometimes a clang could be heard. Finally she emerged with a big smile on her face. Darwinia had built herself a shiny red rocket, to launch herself into space.

Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one...blast off. And out of this world she flew. She travelled for an hour and a day, till she finally reached her destination.

It was hot and bright, but Darwinia had come prepared. She had packed her sunglasses as well as sunscreen too. She cast her special stardust collecting net and scooped up a bag or two. Then homeward bound she flew.

She mixed all the ingredients together and waited while Mummy put it in the oven. She counted the minutes, she watched the clock, she squirmed in her chair and even pulled out her hair. Till finally she heard the magic 'ding', then out came the cake all fluffy and nice.

When Daddy saw the cake with all the candles on top, he couldn't wait. He had to have just a little taste.

And the big smile on his face....

It said it all.

Scribble stories #1

From scribble time with my daughter. We scribble some pictures down as I tell her a story. This one was from today. Who knows where the scribbles will take us?

The Bunny Tree

There once was a bunny who didn't like to share.
He stole all the carrots in Farmer Nuggets garden
and didn't leave not a one to spare.

He piled them high back in his burrow.
He had lots of carrots to eat today,
and plenty more left over for tomorrow.

One sunny morning, chewing happily
sat he underneath a shady tree .
Another bunny appeared in the vicinity.

"Please, Mr Bunny can you spare a carrot for hungry little me?
There are no carrots left for miles around."
"No, definitely not, this is all I've got," grumbled he.

But shh, it was all just a test.
In a blink of an eye the bunny disappeared
And in it's place a fairy did manifest.

"Mr Bunny, you must learn to share.
She waved her magic wand,
and then he was no longer there.

In his place a little apple tree did grow,
"From now on sir, the fruit that you bear,
will be shared by all that you know."