Thursday, November 13, 2008

Scribble Soup for Writers' Block #13: it's all in the name

Write a paragraph using the letters of your full name. The first letter of each sentence has to start with a letter (in order of spelling) in your full name.

icking dry lips, she ran her hands along the outline of the gravestone, while wondering at the loss of it all.
Inside she was dying slowly, drowning in confusion and grief.
Little by little the darkness pulled her in, overwhelming the daylight.
Little hands clawed at her black skirt, demanding attention.
Yanking sharply now, the hands could no longer be ignored.
Another precious life had been taken, but the world had not stopped to mourn.
She turned her attention to her young daughter, picking her up in her arms.
Inch by slow inch the darkness faded away.
An angel with yellow hair and missing front teeth needed her now.

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"Sunshine" said...

You are so talented! Your excellent writing ability never ceases to amaze me.

Scrambled Butterfly said...

interesting where your mind wanders off to in 10 minutes!

Rob said...

I really like the images in this poem.

murat11 said...

I like it. Very nice.