Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Scribble lounge prompt #1

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Starting word is 'bear'. The first sentence must contain this word. In the next sentence change one letter in the word 'bear', eg 'fear'...For each following sentence change one letter of the previous word.

Creativity is a like a bear.I fear this winter has been too long.The absence of my dear Art, in hiberation, asleep! But now the season has turned, I am awake, I stalk it like a deer. I swallow it whole, lick my lips and follow with a celebratory beer. Ambrosia in a frosted glass, drink to the bountiful future, for now I am a seer. And thus it may seem, that the icy shackles of my doubt have melted away. The seed of my Art - too long dormant - will now have a chance to grow. And this time I will continue to feed it, to keep the fire burning through the winter. It's time to expose my skin and feel the heat of creating once more.