Friday, February 27, 2009

I was so tired on the way home from work Thurdsay afternoon, so I wasn't quite 'with it' when the I was pulled over by the booze bus police. In all my years of driving I've only ever been breath tested twice (this being the third), and as my grasp on technological breakthroughs - like my grasp on reality - is tentative to say the least, I wasn't quite sure what was happening when the copper shoved the breathalyzer in my face. My first thought was where do I blow as there was no nozzle. The policeman said something, which I completely missed (since I'd lost another 10% of my hearing after going to see Nine Inch Nails on Tuesday night - they were awesome by the way). I asked him to repeat it.
"Can you count to ten, ma'am." So I do, silently in my head.
"Out loud please." Oh, it was then I realised that the gadget he was holding to my mouth actually didn't require me to blow on anything. He must of thought I was an idiot. I know I felt like one.