Friday, September 30, 2011

Ryan goes to the moon.

One morning Ryan woke to find an envelope beside his bed. Inside the envelope was an invitation.

Dear Ryan,
Please come to my fancy dress party on the moon.

Your friend Zoonie.

Ryan jumped out of bed excitedly. He had never been to the moon before. Then Ryan had a thought. What am I going to dress up as? He dug deep inside his wardrobe, throwing aside this and that.

"Aha!" he exclaimed, pulling out an eye patch. "I'm going to be a space pirate."

But Ryan had another problem. How was he going to get to the moon?
"I could build a ladder to the moon, I suppose," he thought. "But it would have to be a really tall ladder."
"There must be a quicker way..."

Ryan had an idea. Not just any idea but a brilliant idea.

A few hours passed. Occasionally a bang or thump could be heard from inside the garage. Then finally the door opened to reveal a shiny red rocket.

Not long after that, Ryan was on his way to the moon in his shiny red rocket.

It was night time when Ryan arrived on the moon. Zoonie had lit a great big bonfire where all their friends had gathered. Jacob was dressed as a robot, Liam as an astronaut, Darwinia as a star and Justin as an alien. They ate lots of yummy food and had fun playing games all through the night.