Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tilly Milligan

Tilly Milligan thought she knew everything,
"The capital of China is Beijing!"
Tilly would spout to anyone she thought wasn't very bright.
This was everyone really within her beady little sight.

Tilly Milligan thought she knew it all.
Although she was barely four feet tall.
She would correct her parents and even her teacher,
with a nasty smile, not her best feature.

"Enough! No more!" they all cried in unison.
"Tilly Milligan must be taught a lesson.
A crafty plan is what we need,
who will volunteer to do the deed?"

"I have a plan," said the baker, Mrs. Wise.
"I'll bake her a pie with a little surprise."
Mrs. Wise had devised a secret recipe.
"T'will stop her conceit, I guarantee."

"A slice of  humble pie is what she really deserves.
Made with lots of peppercorn and chilli preserves,
A spoonful of honey and a pinch of salt,
some cod liver oil and a smidgeon of malt."

"A pie baked for you," said Mrs.Wise.
When Tilly saw it with her greedy eyes,
her mouth began to water and dribble,
"I'll just have a bite, perhaps a little nibble."

In two seconds flat the pie had disappeared
Down the gullet (while everyone cheered).
Tilly bounced around like a silly goat,
Pointing at the fire burning in her throat.

From that day on, not a sound could be heard,
Not one fact, a remark, not even a word.
Tilly Milligan had learnt an important lesson,
From now on she would eat from the delicatessen!

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oldegg said...

I loved the use of words here in alliterative form; Tilly, Milligan,and even delicatessen did it for me along with dribble and nibble. OK there were the line ending rhymes but those extra ones were a bonus.