Thursday, April 21, 2011

Scribble stories #1

From scribble time with my daughter. We scribble some pictures down as I tell her a story. This one was from today. Who knows where the scribbles will take us?

The Bunny Tree

There once was a bunny who didn't like to share.
He stole all the carrots in Farmer Nuggets garden
and didn't leave not a one to spare.

He piled them high back in his burrow.
He had lots of carrots to eat today,
and plenty more left over for tomorrow.

One sunny morning, chewing happily
sat he underneath a shady tree .
Another bunny appeared in the vicinity.

"Please, Mr Bunny can you spare a carrot for hungry little me?
There are no carrots left for miles around."
"No, definitely not, this is all I've got," grumbled he.

But shh, it was all just a test.
In a blink of an eye the bunny disappeared
And in it's place a fairy did manifest.

"Mr Bunny, you must learn to share.
She waved her magic wand,
and then he was no longer there.

In his place a little apple tree did grow,
"From now on sir, the fruit that you bear,
will be shared by all that you know."

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