Monday, March 30, 2009

Scribble Soup for Writers' Block #56: Is that even a word?

What word or words would you use to describe the missing sock phenomenon, ie when you wash a pair of socks, you somehow mysteriously end up with only one.

Do you have word/s or terms that you have made up to describe something?


The Great Socktery
: when washing a pair of socks, you somehow mysteriously end up with only one.

Daylexia: dyslexia caused by early mornings.

Worklexia: dyslexia caused by work.

Couch-a-tional field: the gravitational field of a couch. The force required to remove oneself from the couch is directly proportional to...well I haven't been able to remove myself from the couch to calculate this one.

Remote dependency: one's dependence on the t.v remote control.

Temporary Bridge Craziness: The compulsive need to speed when driving over a bridge, especially when you're stuck behind a slow moving truck.

Speedmosis: the uncontrollable need to keep up with other speeding cars.

Breakfast-a-la-car: eating breakfast in the car, on the way to work because once again you're running late.

Dreamscaping: daydreaming during an important meeting.

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Anonymous said...

I definitely get "daylexia."

Abra said...

wow! This one is hard great job :)

Robert V. Sobczak said...

I get worklexia all the time: I like that one. BTW- Good to know that it's cooling down someplace