Thursday, October 30, 2008

Darkly Dreaming

Darkly Dreaming
this story is copyrighted 2008

Episode ix

Darkness settled in the room, like a thick blanket. It smothered the sleeping occupants, pushing them further into unconsciousness. Then into the darkness she danced. In her long black dress, and her tiny black heels laced to the knees. It was her hour. It was her room. Tonight she had company. The men she ignored, but the female - the one with the pretty long black hair - she detested. With a flick of her hand she summoned the light. In her hand it glowed like a ball of lightning. She floated about the room, searching.

Raven wasn't sure what woke her, but something was calling her from the darkness. She opened her eyes. I must be dreaming she thought to herself. Not daring to breathe, she watched the woman float towards the empty fireplace. Dressed in old fashioned mourning black, a glowing ball of light in her hand, the woman moved from one end of the fireplace to other. Searching. Then suddenly as if sensing herself being watched she turned. There was a flash of light, as she hurled the light directly at Raven. Then oblivion.

Raven woke to the sound of the pounding rain as it hit the tin roof. She needed to go. She was desperate for a pee. But the cold held her back. She moved her body closer to Ranger, who lay snoring gently beside her. Wrapping her arms around his sleeping form, she snuggled in deeper. He was burning hot. A thought occurred to her, maybe the hot water bottle was stuck somewhere in between them. With her eyes closed she fumbled about in the dark trying find it. Success, then she realised she was patting Ranger's soft bottom. The heat was coming from him.

She really needed to pee now. Raven opened her eyes slowly. There was a soft glowing light coming from outside the window. Strange she thought to herself sleepily, we didn't leave any lights on. Then from the shadows outside something moved closer to the window. Raven stiffled a gasp, willing herself not to move a single muscle. Staring intently into the dark room, her faced pressed against the glass window, the woman waited. The rain only fuelled her anger. With a knife in her hand, she watched the room like a prison guard and waited. Raven squeezed her eyes closed against the apparation, willing sleep to reclaim her.

She must have dozed, because the next time she awoke it was daylight. With daylight came the sense of relief. It must be late, she thought to herself rolling onto her side to face the empty bunk bed across the room. The boys had left her to sleep, she could hear their voices outside. Now she could pee. Raven swung her legs off the bed. With a half yawn she made her way to the door. Her steps were slow and lumberous. She swung open the door. Wow, it was beautiful outside. The air was fresh and crisp with just a hint of moisture. They had arrived at the homestead in the late evening. In the darkness it was difficult to appreciate the beauty and isolation of the landscape surrounding the house. Raven took a few moments to take in the sight before her.

Something was wrong. She could hear Marcus and Ranger talking, their voices close by. But where were they? Then she saw her. Calmly, with the hem of her black dress dragging silently behind her, the woman glided towards Raven, hands hidden behind her back. Rooted to the spot in fear, Raven could only watch as the woman came to within whispering distance.
"I'm going to murder you," she whispered in Raven's ear as she plunged the knife into her heart.

With a gasp, Raven woke. She was surrounded by darkness still. Shit, she thought to herself, placing a hand on her chest close to her pounding heart. She was dripping wet with sweat and exhausted. She needed to pee. This time the feeling was urgent. With shaking hands she reached out to Ranger and shook him awake.

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